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Second level entrepreneurship

The College of Business and Law, Cork University Business School (CUBS) and Blackstone LaunchPad have secured funding from the HEA to run an Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation summer camp in UCC for second level students during July 2017. This pilot initiative will build on the existing initiatives in the College of Business and Law and further the entrepreneurship agenda within the University.

The overall weeklong summer camp challenge for the students, from senior cycle, will be to identify innovative solutions to problems that impact on society in specific thematic areas (e.g. food, health, education, sustainability etc.). These thematic areas will be introduced to the students, and they will use brainstorming and creativity techniques to develop their ideas in teams. The student teams will work on their ideas in an interactive and facilitated way, and then pitch the outcomes of their work to a panel of judges at the end of week.

The programme will include activities related to the entrepreneurial journey, creativity, innovation and also design thinking. The objective of the programme is to provide second level students with new knowledge, develop their soft skills and expose them to business frameworks and entrepreneurial thinking in a supportive and fun environment. The Programme will be delivered in the Blackstone LaunchPad/Library Creative Zone.