Blackstone LaunchPad at UCC is a campus-based experiential entrepreneurship programme open to all UCC students, staff and alumni offering
coaching, ideation and venture creation support. It is modeled on a successful programme originated at the University of Miami and was further
developed and expanded by the Blackstone Charitable Foundation.

The objectives of the Blackstone LaunchPad at UCC are as follows:

• Introduce entrepreneurship as a viable career path, support venture creation and develop entrepreneurial skills and mindsets
• Complement, optimize and coordinate university-wide entrepreneurial resources, programs and offerings for student entrepreneurs
• Connect regional ecosystems to increase the likelihood that student entrepreneurs remain in, and contribute to, their local economies
• Create a robust network that facilitates peer-to-peer interaction among entrepreneurs and allows resources to be shared between campus programs

Blackstone LaunchPad at UCC supports all forms of venture creation and since its establishment has already worked with some inspiring entrepreneurs from across the campus.

We invest in Entrepreneurs not Ideas!

Blackstone LaunchPad at UCC introduces participants to entrepreneurship, helps them develop entrepreneurial skills and enables them to independently achieve success in whatever venture they pursue.  To learn more about why Blackstone started Blackstone LaunchPad and who sees your information, click here.

Blackstone LaunchPad at UCC does not seek to take an equity stake in any business that it supports. 

Have any questions? Drop by to meet us in confidence in our office in the Library Creative Zone or contact us by emailing