Located in the heart of campus, the Creative Zone is a vibrant hub of student innovation.

Blackstone LaunchPad at UCC is located at the heart of the UCC campus in the Creative Zone on Q Floor of the Boole Library. It comprises the largest physical space of the 20 Blackstone LaunchPads in Ireland and the U.S. It is like no other space on campus and can be configured on a bespoke basis. It has excellent audio-visual facilities with a large screen, data projector, five flat screen monitors, five desktop PCs, excellent wi-fi, full audio and recording facilities. A recent addition has been our collapsible partitions, which create a smaller inner sanctum for groups of up to 20 people within the Creative Zone. The Creative Zone has seating capacity for 100 and standing capacity for 180. The facility can be booked in part or in full.

The Creative Zone is designed for collaboration, allowing students to work in groups on ideas and get advice from the Blackstone LaunchPad staff on hand. Almost never empty, and certainly never quiet, as the sounds of students working together on projects can be heard from the Creative Zone as soon as you walk through the doors of the library.

Not only a place for group work however, the Creative Zone is home to many diverse and engaging events, not only for the students and staff of UCC, but also for the community of Cork.

To enquire about use of the Creative Zone please send an email to info.blackstonelaunchpad@ucc.ie

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